Emerging Technology Trends in Transportation

Technology has been rapidly changing our society, the economy, people’s live and now transportation. As there are many ‘internet technology’things which are fundamentally changing and allowing access to information and services; the transportation sector is also seeing new implications being added to the models of transportation services which will soon transform the way people would move on the roads over the coming years. New planning processes and investments are now being made to understand the stressing changes which are needed in the transportation development and policies.


This blog would seek out technological advancement in transportation and their important implications.

Integrating Modern Techniques

Over the past years, the automobile and technology industry have made significant impacts by integrating computerization and wireless capabilities in transportation. More software and sensors replace human functions; autonomous vehicles, semi-autonomous features and connected vehicles enabled by cameras, sensors and radars allow vehicles to wirelessly exchange road map and driving data with their surroundings. Such features allow vehicles to communicate about the roadway maps and infrastructure, location, accessibility and the time duration.

More and more technological developments are occurring simultaneously to include vehicle crash avoidance systems, connected vehicle communications and self-driving vehicles with control automation.Whereas, in the automobile sector people tend to use the approach of value creation through customer service. Given the advancement in the communication platforms and vehicle technologies, new car models are being integrated with semi-autonomous features like:

  • Auto Brake Systems

Auto-braking systems to allow braking automation in emergency circumstances to avoid any sort of crash.

  • Lane Keeping Systems

Such systems can automatically take steps to ensure that your vehicle stays in lane alignment unless you have to make a turn on the signal.

  • Adaptive Cruise Control

Adaptive Cruise control automatically adjusts your vehicle’s speed to maintain a safe calculated distance from vehicles ahead.

  • Parking Assistance Systems

Parking Assist system allows your car to steer themselves into parking spaces.

Such technology is more mature than many people realize and would be fully commercialized and made available in 2020s. While such projections move into transition; there are many vehicles in the market that continue to have increased autonomous capabilities. Market offerings continue to diversify as automation research proceeds for research and development. Regardless of the time frame, many people have to consider other factors which are associated with the development of automation features in vehicles; such as cost, licensing, financing and the idea of adoption of autonomous technologies.

The Future of Automation Technologies in Vehicles

Assuming that these technologies become successful and viable to the mass market and consumer demands, they have the potential to dramatically change the transportation network and system for the better. These changes will lead to significant reductions in fatal crashes or injuries, loss of lives, provide mobility to the elderly and the disabled and enhance effective on-road coordination and capacity, traffic congestion and saturation and fuel consumption.

Such autonomous technologies would also be implemented for heavy duty trucks and trailers to increase road safety and provide stability for a more secure and efficient freight delivery system. With the integration of such systems in trucks and heavy duty trailers, automated freight vehicles could effectively reduce on-road accidents and collisions and reduce human errors. With heavy duty trucks with autonomous driving capabilities; it would travel while maintaining safety, mobility and enhanced driving.


Vehicle Service And it is Importance

Your vehicle is probably among your finest assets. It provides the transport convenience which is what you utilize to run your company more successfully. However, the service that you simply give your vehicle determines exactly how it acts you. Most people don’t target what is most significant to an automobile and this really is surviving plus they end upward encountering several issues they’d have or else avoided if perhaps they held up using the service needs.

Stevenscreektoyota 1.3jpeg
Auto restore shops offer numerous important services to maintain your vehicle serving consistently. The most significant and typical services that you could get for the car consist of transmission support, complete automobile diagnostics, manufacturing plant recommended support, brake maintenance, suspension support, clutch restore, electrical program repair, essential oil service, overall performance upgrades, ac service as well as diesel repairs amongst others. When taking a look at your company, the providers covered ought to be most essential, followed through the car versions and causes it to be can handle along with the qualification, encounter and status. But the reason why are these types of services therefore important?

Servicing retains issues away

This happens because during the procedure parts which are worn away and require replacement tend to be replaced helping you save from problems that would possess cropped up should you continued while using car. They provide you with the self-confidence that absolutely no car trouble gets stored up and you will continue enjoying the truly amazing performance of the car.

Maintenance saves a person money

It may seem just like a waste of your time getting your vehicle checked when it’s no problems, but this could actually help you save from underlying problems that would possess required more complicated works to repair if remaining for lengthy. It is much better that a person pay the actual reasonable prices of servicing and also have a total diagnosis carried out than wait around until there’s bigger difficulty that needs you spend more to possess your vehicle fixed. You may save a lot on your vehicle by getting minor issues looked after and prevented for instance.

Servicing is actually manufacturer suggested

Your vehicle manufacturer knows the vehicle better compared to you because he’s spent period and cash on investigation and screening it, hence just he knows what must be done to keep the reliable vehicle in best condition. With regard to better overall performance and dependability, you tend to be better off checking up on the producer servicing schedule and also you won’t end up being disappointed.

Various cars possess different peculiarities

You consequently cannot presume that simply because your prior car did not require particular services that the new car will even not possess such needs. Servicing protects individual vehicle peculiarities to maintain it operating efficiently. They realize any distinctive requirements through manufacturers which you may know your self.

Servicing provides value for your car

A complete service history can be quite valuable whenever selling your vehicle. People that buy utilized cars possess a have to know how reliable the vehicle is and this type of history provides them self-confidence in what they’re about to purchase. You may price your vehicle high whenever trading within or promoting backed because of your servicing history and also have no problems selling quick.

Points to consider While Hiring an automobile Service

People often have to hire an automobile service, when they need to travel in one place towards the other within peace. Many people do not really own any kind of vehicle as well as since open public transport isn’t very handy, they need to depend upon car leasing services for his or her travelling requirements. Given the truth that there are a lot of agencies that provide such service nowadays, people frequently get baffled when they need to make the choose the best vehicle leasing service. If you want to rent an automobile for a unique occasion or even for normal travel requirements, you ought to keep particular things in your mind.

You can easily save cash by selecting a smaller vehicle or foregoing additional services and products, but don’t compromise upon safety, dependability and openness of support. Here are things that you should search for while booking this type of service:


You will be able to choose an automobile that fits your range of motion needs with no difficulty. The steps necessary to select an automobile of your decision should end up being simple and also the online platform from the agency also needs to be user-friendly. Apart from, the vehicle rental service will be able to send the automobile within 10 – quarter-hour of reserving it (in the event of emergency).


The company should permit you to modify your own reservation depending on your comfort. If the actual agency doesn’t permit you to modify the actual reservation, you may wind up losing money when you have to cancel this.


The on the internet platform with regard to renting the automobile should end up being safe as well as protected by using security records. Given the very fact that you’ll be sharing your individual information using the website, including essential information for example credit greeting card number, the web site should end up being protected along with digital encryption to maintain your private information secure.


The price ought to be clear as well as transparent, and really should include just about all mandatory expenses (at the. g. VAT as well as airport costs, taxes as well as driver costs if relevant etc. )#). The agency shouldn’t charge you any extra booking charge, and you will be able to pay the entire amount from the rental via various repayment methods.


You must have the guarantee of the reliable support, from reserving to returning the vehicle. In situation the agency couldn’t send you the vehicle at the actual given period, they ought to notify you ahead of time to prevent causing any kind of inconvenience.

Advantages of a Personal Car Support

If you’re visiting a brand new city or require a relaxing trip home or even have family arriving to go to hiring a personal car service is a superb choice. Additional, if you’re on holiday or vacationing for company, a personal car support has benefits especially if you’re travelling for the very first time.

Private vehicle services only use the preferred and high-end luxurious cars this kind of black Lincoln subsequently Town vehicles and Cadillac Escalades. You have satisfaction knowing which someone is going to be there awaiting you whenever you arrive in the airport. It’s not necessary to worry regarding flagging lower a taxi cab or awaiting family or even friends to choose you upward. In numerous cases, the actual drivers may track your own flight info to period their pick-up, this really is super convenient particularly if your trip is postponed or transformed.

You also obtain the added advantage of productivity. Using an automobile service means you will have more time to deal with things which matter probably the most to a person; especially if you’re travelling with regard to business. Rather than wasting period driving, the time may be used to make important telephone calls or solution emails. All you need to do is relax and unwind, the driver can get you where you have to go easily.

Private vehicle service offers the added protection and feasible reduction of travel cover costs. Trained motorists are covered and consider the uncertainty from driving; especially inside a new town.

Another advantage is the amount of service you obtain. It is one-on-one service to support your requirements only. You don’t share along with another which supplies privacy, hygiene, reliability and on top of that convenience. Using a personal car service is a lot more cost-effective general than utilizing local taxi cab service again and again which is actually super time-consuming and frequently with concealed fees or even other connected pitfalls.

Eventually, booking transportation via a private vehicle service takes the strain out of having around. Additionally, it relieves the actual daily trouble of coping with traffic. This enables more time to pay attention to the stuff that are vital that you you, regardless of whether that end up being business associated or individual.

So, before you decide to plan the next vacation, make sure to book a personal car service at the destination. This is definitely an efficient as well as reliable method to get close to your city of preference in addition to save period when navigating the region. As you can observe, the advantages of such something are numerous.

Things to Expect Through Executive Vehicle Services

Chauffeured professional car providers are magnificent ground transportation offering outstanding customer providers. The travelling experience is definitely extraordinary because the majority of the car support companies possess the most magnificent cars such as limos to provide clients probably the most comfortable trips. Apart from making certain you travel however you like and comfort, the services will help you retain your own professional image within the eyes of the high user profile clientele. But just what should you anticipate when a person hire the actual executive vehicle service?

1. Design and luxurious

Besides getting the most comfy car for the ride, you need to enjoy the actual services of the professional chauffeur. The chauffer ought to be well groomed however he also ought to be polite as well as friendly. The vehicle should maintain good situation and impeccably thoroughly clean inside as well as out. Remember that you’re paying with regard to luxury as well as comfort and that needs to be exactly that which you get as well as nothing much less. Choose a business that may deliver.

two. Punctuality

The chauffeured vehicle services ought to be delivered promptly constantly. The chauffer ought to be professional enough to get at the pick-up location a number of minutes earlier; lateness isn’t acceptable with regards to the professional car services as well as your service provider ought to know this. Actually, the chauffeur must have the necessary understanding of the street network in the region and possess helpful tools which make navigation simple, so the opportunity of lateness tend to be eliminated regardless of how large traffic might be on 1 route.

3. Food

The chauffeur can there be at your own service as well as he consequently should deliver the very best customer providers. Apart through opening as well as closing the doorway after a person, he ought to handle your own luggage as well as answer any kind of questions or even requests you will probably have. Most businesses fortunately have perfectly trained chauffeurs who’ve people abilities and persistence. Some from the service companies are therefore professional that they’ll also possess special things like champagne complimentary for that ride. You may also have your chosen music performed on ask for. Do your quest if you have to just make sure that you’ll be accorded the client service that you simply truly should have.

4. Security

Safety ought to be top priority for just about any serious car company. The chauffeur ought to be a cautious driver that follows all of the road guidelines and trained to handle handling bigger cars for example limousines properly. The driver also needs to have the actual license and also the car must have all essential safety gear and features to ensure you benefit from the safest trip possible.

5. Dedication

Professional chauffeur providers understand exactly how important dedication to customers is plus they therefore framework, everything to satisfy with your own every require. You ought to therefore be dealt with with dedication while using the services through any provided place as well as time. The company must do everything possible to produce a good as well as lasting relationship using the clients to show them in to regulars. Through the end from the ride, you ought to be impressed sufficient to believe the organization qualifies to become your provider the next time you require the professional transportation.

The advantages of Securing Vehicle Service for any Business Journey

Securing the actual service prior to even arriving is the greatest bet, and it is a blessing to obtain where one must be on period and without having getting lost inside a new region. Consider the next benefits and make the most of this invaluable service following trip.

Stevenscreektoyota 1.2jpeg
They are on Phone

It’s apparent that vehicle or limo services is going to be needed through and to the airport terminal, and in order to important conferences. However, many do not consider exactly how great it’s to possess a personal generate on call that may get all of them elsewhere, for example to foods and points of interest if necessary.

Forget some thing and need to go to the shop? Just phone them upward and generally they could be there within a minimum of a few hours. The doorway to doorway service is actually wonderful.

They Know the region well

A chance to navigate via traffic within busy locations like Chi town, New You are able to City as well as Japan to mention a few is definitely an added advantage to acquiring car or even limo providers. They may typically weave within and from traffic as well as know all of the back routes to find the client where they have to be effortlessly.

If the customer needs strategies for eateries, shop or even similar activities then your driver may know just where you can take all of them. After just about all, this is actually their grass!

Be Promptly

Professional vehicle and limo providers are notorious to be on period. They’ll obtain the client wherever they have to be with plenty of time to spare to become presentable in the event that necessary. Prevent getting dropped, battling demanding traffic and consequently making a poor impression upon clients.

As well as, riders is going to be dropped right in the door of the destination so there isn’t any parking included which occasionally incurs additional fees, area dependent.

Much less Stressful

There is no denying just how much stress is associated with getting around inside a new location. Plus, many believe having an automobile or limo service awaiting them retains them on the right track with the busy routine. It’s simple to lose tabs on time whenever running through meeting in order to meeting.

Then there’s the trouble of walking towards the vehicle as well as finding how you can various places that may be completely avoided having a professional car owner. Feel just like a true expert when acquired in front of the actual hotel inside a limo or even classy automobile, and appreciate just seated back as well as relaxing or consuming the sights between your hotel and also the destination.

Additional, there is going to be no trying to find a car parking spot which everybody knows is in no way fun. Consider all of the times an additional car offers stolen an area being anxiously waited for, or had a little bit of parking great deal rage. It’s easier to avoid which situation no matter what.

Save Cash

Taxi providers can accumulate when on the business journey. Many don’t understand how often they have to travel in between locations, and if they have to wait which meter is actually ticking.

Buses along with other public transport aren’t usually reliable and could arrive in a destination a lot later compared to planned. For that ultimate within professionalism an automobile or limo service is better. A thoroughly clean and secure ride protects the business’s professional picture, and retains the driver comfortable all the time. There is really no comparison towards the service supplied by these specialists, and there’s usually 1 flat price.

Vehicle Rental Concealed Fees

Perhaps you have booked your vehicle rental for the next holiday? Think guess what happens the cost is going to be? Beware associated with car leasing hidden costs. You might be paying a lot more than you’re anticipating.

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Hidden Costs
I took a visit not to sometime ago and acquired a vehicle rental in the airport. Following my journey, I returned the vehicle and acquired my invoice. That ought to be it, correct? Sadly, absolutely no. After We returned house, I found I’d been charged not just for tolls however the convenience charge of while using toll transponder within the rental vehicle.

Most vehicle rental companies possess a toll transponder in all of their automobiles. This is meant to allow it to be easier for you personally. You can simply drive with the toll booths and never have to stop and also the transponder may calculate your own tolls that you simply owe at the conclusion of your own trip. Good deal, huh? Less. Once a person pay your own first cost, a comfort fee adopts effect. This charge is charged every day until the finish of your own rental time period or a person hit their own maximum.

Here are a few of the vehicle rental comfort fees:

Hertz: $4. 95 daily, maximum $24. seventy five per leasing period
My expenses actually shown a comfort fee for every day from the car rental despite the fact that the cost was incurred about the last day from the car leasing. After the call towards the car leasing company, they reversed the actual convenience charge for all the days except the final one. However, I still wound up paying multiple what the particular toll might have been since the charge had been the comfort fee as well as the toll for your day.

Staying away from Hidden Costs
Trying to prevent paying these types of fees could be tricky. If at all possible, avoid the actual toll sales space by driving another route. If you have to feel the toll, then elect to pay for the toll instead of using the actual toll transponder. I had been told through the rental vehicle company that should you choose this, you need to ask for any receipt, just in case the transponder expenses you anyhow. If you’ve the invoice, then you are able to dispute the actual charge. Some cost roads do not have an choice to pay, once you undergo one of these simple, you’ll not just be billed the cost, but the actual convenience fee every day until a person reach the most. One the best way to prevent these cost roads is by using a GPS NAVIGATION. In the actual GPS, set the possibility to “avoid cost roads”. If you’re able to avoid the actual tolls, then you’re on the way to staying away from car leasing hidden costs!

Company Car Renting Versus Company Car Leasing

Business vehicle leasing is actually arguably the most typical type associated with leasing in society, beating away even it’s equally well-liked personal version. This is mainly because of the fact that numerous companies as well as corporations decide to have organization cars for his or her employees, and often lease nearly all these automobiles from professional companies.

Nevertheless, as typical as this method is, there continues to be a level of confusion one of the non-initiated in regards to what exactly differentiates business vehicle leasing through business vehicle rental. It’s this distinction how the lines below make an effort to make obvious, by outlining a few of the main distinguishing points between your two methods.

Leasing As opposed to Renting

Before delving to the particularities associated with business vehicle leasing, you should define what is meant through this phrase, and exactly how it differs in the other well-liked operation relating to the temporary possession of automobiles, car leasing. The response to this conundrum is really quite easy, and mostly associated with the duration from the contract; particularly, car leases are usually long-term offers, usually spanning a period of time of many years, whilst vehicle rentals are usually shorter within scope, usually enduring only for some days or even weeks. As a result, a vehicle lease entails a considerably higher quantity of obligations than the usual car leasing, both for the organization and for the lessee on their own.

Another main difference in between car renting and vehicle rental is due to the kilometer cap about the vehicle. A rent car will routinely have an allocation of in between 12. 000 as well as 15. 000 miles each year, after that the lessee will be asked to pay the fee for each extra kilometer. Similarly, lease vehicles are susceptible to depreciation with time, a problem that is not highly relevant to rental vehicles, as they’ll typically alter hands often, as in opposition to once every couple of years, and often not be completely new when leased to client. Fundamentally, nevertheless, both procedures are comparable, with the quantity of time every contract is actually celebrated to be the primary differentiating factor between your two.

Exactly what Does Company Car Renting Entail?

When getting a vehicle lease, there are usually numerous factors that are non-negotiable, while some can end up being customised as well as set in order to each customer’s specifications. The latter often include the actual capitalised price, leasing’s equal to a value, the cash factor, or rate of interest, and the actual trade within price associated with any vehicles which can be included within the deal. Non-negotiable factors often include recurring value, in other words the value from the car at the conclusion of the offer, and the actual acquisition charge. Other elements, such since the disposition charge, charged with regard to selling the vehicle at the conclusion of the actual lease, and also the eventual buy-out price for that car, may or might not be negotiable with respect to the lease. Within the specific situation of company car renting, certain companies might be open in order to negotiating the bulk price to have an entire navy of vehicles, so customers shouldn’t be afraid in order to enquire in to this likelihood.

In add-on to these types of factors, lessees should be prepared to be billed for additional mileage, because detailed over, and any kind of excessive deterioration the vehicle may present at the conclusion of the actual lease. In exchange, the lessor, in other words the renting company, agrees to cover maintenance and insurance charges for the automobile throughout the rent. It is actually this second option factor which makes personal as well as business vehicle leasing therefore popular, as this often enables both personal lessees as well as companies in order to save a great deal of money within insurance costs and maintenance.

It offers hopefully turn out to be apparent, after that, that company car renting and company car leasing are 2 significantly various kinds of operations, with considerably different obligations for both the client and the actual provider. This understanding will ideally help companies understand what to anticipate and how you can act when getting a company car rent.

Beep Beep, Top ten Tips Upon Car Rental fees

Ready in order to rent an automobile for the next trip? Follow these top ten tips upon car rentals before you decide to book the next car. These pointers will assist saving you cash.

Top 10 Tips about Car Rental fees

1. You may not need transport?

Are you thinking about staying in a resort? Do you really need a car when you arrive in the resort? You might be better away getting transportation towards the resort and never renting an automobile.

2. Rent the automobile only upon days it is needed

Should you only intend to drive from town for any day, only rent the vehicle during the day rather compared to entire holiday. If you’re remaining in the town, generally you are able to rent an automobile from hotels during the day rather than in the airport for the entire remain.

3. Rent from the airport home

It is generally much less expensive to rent an automobile in town as opposed to the airport. The airport terminal has extra fees that may be avoided through renting an automobile in city. Check along with hotels in the region and discover where one can pick up an automobile during the day. If a person rent the vehicle at the conclusion of your own trip, intend on returning it in the airport, avoiding the transportation charge to return to the airport terminal.

4. Rent for any day journey and come back it following hours

If you are planning to consider a tour, pick the vehicle up from the hotel within the city. Return the vehicle after hours and steer clear of the 2nd day rental so long as it’s came back before these people open the following day. In add-on, you’ll prevent paying immediately parking fees too. Drop through the car rental each morning and get your invoice or ask them to email it for you.

5. Search the net for coupon codes

Determine that car company you intend to make use of, then perform a search with regard to coupons as well as discounts that affect that leasing company. Usually, you simply need the actual code. After you have it, put it on to your vehicle rental. Weekly vehicle rental coupon codes typically can help you save $25. 00 — $30. 00. That’s a significant discount on the weekly vehicle rental.

6. Stay on the Saturday evening

Car rental fees often low cost the rate for any Saturday evening stay more than. Most coupon codes only work if you find a Sunday night remain over. If you are planning in order to rent an automobile from Weekend – Sunday, you may have a far greater deal leasing from Sunday – Fri.

7. Rent an inferior vehicle as well as request a totally free upgrade

Rent a good economy or even compact car and frequently they’ll let you know they simply upgraded you to definitely a bigger vehicle. Rental vehicle companies are apt to have an overflow from the larger vehicles and can usually update you without having additional price. Check together to observe if they’ll provide you with a free update.

8. Don’t opt to allow them to refill your own gas

Always pick the option to create the vehicle back filled with gas. If a person elect to achieve the car leasing company fill up the vehicle’s gas tank for a person, you’re spending money on a complete tank, it doesn’t matter how much you have used. Most occasions your tank isn’t registering upon empty while you pull into the car rental to come back the vehicle.

9. Seek advice from your insurance provider for protection

If you curently have car insurance coverage, it most likely covers vehicle rentals. Check together with your car insurance to see what your vehicle rental protection is. This can save you quite a little if you are already protected.

10. Seek advice from your charge card company with regard to coverage

Most major charge cards provide with regard to car leasing insurance. Browse the fine printing as a few state the actual reservation and also the payment should be made using the same charge card.

There are a lot of ways in order to save money upon rentals. Consider renting an automobile at the start or end of the trip, letting you avoid transport costs in order to or in the airport. Plan your entire day trip requiring an automobile in the beginning or end of the trip, to prevent keeping the vehicle for the whole vacation.

Vehicle Rentals — 3 Cash Saving Tips That each Traveler Will like

Affordable vehicle rentals for the holidays usually come useful. For a devoted traveler, to rent an automobile is a terrific way to explore the actual hidden gems of the country. It’s not really hidden from anyone who the majority of us look forward towards the money preserving opportunities because savings may be the beginning of the new journey story. Having a little good fortune and severe efforts, one can certainly find a good way in order to rent an automobile that may be a actual satisfaction for a lot of backpackers.

If inexpensive car rental fees are what you are searching for, then hold on as you will get professional advice for saving cash on your own travel in the united kingdom. Traveling within the country could make a hole inside your pocket otherwise taken because seriously because airfares as well as hotel offers. So, read 1 for quick ideas to save cash on trips in the united kingdom.

1. Please join the loyalty plan:

Though numerous travelers hesitate to register for devotion programs, it is really a terrific way to enjoy benefits and discounts on a trip. There couldn’t be considered a better choice than this in order to save money upon car rental fees. Signing up this type of deal won’t set you back a lot of money. You can make a great traveling background and will be in a much better position in order to negotiate for the future travel in the united kingdom.

2. Hunt for coupon codes and greatest deals:

Before you decide to rent an automobile, it’s worth time to search for coupons as well as best offers. No issue what season from the year you’ve planned to visit, the journey portals tend to be always overloaded with profitable deals with regard to car rental fees. The coming in contact with part is these discounts frequently reward backpackers along with slashed prices that you simply cannot entry otherwise.

3. Discover rental offers beyond international airports:

Most journey enthusiasts restrict their research to hiring an automobile to the actual airports and end up getting lavish offers. For many people it’s a matter associated with convenience plus they tend in which to stay their comfort and ease zones. However, believe this or not really, the the majority of economical vehicle rentals providers exist from the airport area. So, traveling away from comfort zones may be worth the pain sometimes. You will be surprised to determine the substantial slash within prices within those places.


While these types of car rental fees tips are made to save some money, you can also have your chances to test of the actual box. Who understands if you have access to a much more interesting method to cut down your vehicle rental prices towards the ground? As a person search these types of cost-cutting ideas in the future, don’t forget to place the gasoline prices in your notes. Following rentals, it’s the gas cost, which rules the spending budget. So, better go into thing to consider. You will even learn new methods to rent an automobile with your own travel encounters. Register your self with businesses offering vehicle rentals to obtain timely updates from the prices round the year.